Marijuana Cultivation Applications Starting on April 3 2017

The City of Sacramento will begin accepting applications for cannabis cultivation on April 3, 2017. This is the first step towards licensing and should be started immediately.

Cannabis Cultivation Applications

Cannabis cultivators will need both a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) and a Business Operating Permit (BOP). Before applying for the BOP, cultivators will need either (1) an approved CUP or (2) proof that a CUP application has been submitted.

Cannabis Cultivation Applications

Conditional Use Permit Application

Download Business Operating Permit Application Packet

Cannabis Cultivation Permits

Ordinance No. 2016-0051 added Chapter 5.150 to the Sacramento City Code: Marijuana Businesses. The Code provides for specific regulations regarding marijuana cultivation businesses, notice and appeal processes, medical marijuana dispensaries, and marijuana cultivation. Code §5.1506.320 outlines the cultivation permits that may be issued, including:

  • Class A, for indoor cultivation of less than or equal to 5,000 square feet of total canopy size on one cultivation site.

  • Class B, for indoor cultivation of between 5,001 and 10,000 square feet of total canopy size on one cultivation site.

  • Class C, for indoor cultivation of between 10,001 and 22,000 square feet of total canopy size on one cultivation site.

Cannabis Cultivation Application Fees

The business operating permits will range from $9,700 for cultivation sites with canopy sizes of 5,000 sq. ft. and below, to $28,910 for up to 22,000 sq. ft. of canopy.

The marijuana conditional use permit  will be a separate fee ranging from $16,640 to $33,610.
Permit TypeClass AClass BClass C
Initial/Start-Up Permit$9,700$20,210$28,910

Sacramento Cannabis Lawyers

Please feel free to contact Sacramento's cannabis lawyers if you would like assistance with the application process or have other business needs.

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