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Attorney Trevor Carson has extensive experience litigating civil matters. Trevor was selected to the 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 Northern California Rising Stars List by Super Lawyers Magazine. Sacramento Magazine also named Attorney Trevor Carson as one of Sacramento’s Top Lawyers for 2015, 2018 and 2021.

Rooted Legal PC is a law firm providing comprehensive legal services in and around Sacramento, California. Our litigation attorney has a wide-range of industry experience in general civil litigation. The industries represented include, for example, construction, professional services, educational services, health care services, retail, restaurants, online marketing, manufacturing, and real estate. We frequently represent business owners disputing over fiduciary duties and situations where a business partner was wrongfully ousted. We have extensive experience representing businesses in trade secrets and theft of customer lists. A small dispute can quickly turn into a problem that can devastate business operations. The best approach is to be proactive and mediate an issue before it evolves for the worse; however, our litigation attorneys understand that some problems are not easily resolved.

Our Sacramento litigators strive to provide cost-effective, realistic, and timely solutions to all litigation. If a dispute arises, we will carefully and thoroughly advise our clients on the merits of pursuing either a settlement or trial. If litigation ensues, we will use creative as well as old-fashioned proven strategies. And, most importantly, we always keep our clients informed and provide copies of all documents.

Trevor Carson is a top rated Sacramento litigation lawyer with a solid reputation in the community. Our clients have been thoroughly happy with our work and our reviews on Yelp, Google, and Avvo show their satisfaction. Please call (916) 669-8400 to speak with Mr. Carson.

Our litigators assist with:

• Litigating for Businesses
• Partner Disputes
• Breach of Fiduciary Duties
• Shareholder Derivative Suits
• Breach of Contract
• Defamation
• Theft of Trade Secrets
• Theft of Customer List
• Negligence
• Unfair Competition or Business Practices
• Malicious Prosecution
• Wrongful Solicitation of Customers
• Fraud
• Conversion
• Accounting
• Partition of Real Property
• Failure to Disclose (Nondisclosure)
• Lis Pendens
• Quieting Title

Frequently Asked Questions

What is litigation?
Attorneys frequently use the term litigation, but what does that mean? Litigation is the process of taking legal action by engaging in legal proceedings. Litigation is most easily explained as actions during a lawsuit.

The litigation process begins with filing a lawsuit.
How do you file a lawsuit?
A lawsuit is commenced by filing with the local court: (1) a complaint; (2) a summons; and, (3) a civil case cover sheet.
What is a complaint?
The plaintiff files a complaint with the local court, has a summons issued, and pays the appropriate filing fees. The complaint outlines the facts, causes of action, and requested relief. Essentially, the complaint details what happened, why the plaintiff was legally wronged, and how the legal system can correct the wrong.

The California Courts website provides several template complaints, such as a complaint for personal injury; a complaint for breach of contract; and a complaint for unlawful detainer.

Although starting the lawsuit is a simple filing and paying a fee, following through with successful litigation can be difficult. There are filings that immediately challenge the complaint, the process of discovery, and various motions that will typically take place well before any trial on the merits. A lawsuit in Sacramento County may take several years.
What is a summons?
A summons is the court document informing the defendant that she or he has been sued and must respond within a particular time. The summons is "issued" by the court clerk with the filing of the complaint and civil case cover sheet.

The California Courts website provides template summons, such as a general summons and a summons for unlawful detainer.
How do I answer a complaint?
Depending on the circumstances, there are several methods of responding to a complaint. A party will typically respond with an "answer." In the answer, parties will admit or deny the individual allegations in the complaint. If a party fails to deny a specific allegation, that specific statement will be considered true for the entirety of the case. Hence, it's important that a party properly reviews the complaint and denies each allegation that is wrong.

The answer is also the defendant's chance to defend against the allegations in the complaint. The defendant will raise "Affirmative Defenses." Each of these affirmative defenses should be raised and supported by facts. If the defendant fails to raise the right defense in their answer, they may not be permitted to use it later.

Below are a few template answers provided by the California Courts. Responding to a lawsuit is the first step in defending business litigation and it's important to put the best foot forward. Answers can be very complicated and, considering it's the first opportunity to respond to a complaint, should be drafted with time and care. Contact Sacramento business litigation attorneys or call (916) 669-8400 if you would like advice on litigation.

The California Courts website provides template answers to general complaints, such as an answer to an unlawful detainer complaint; an answer to a breach of contract complaint; and an answer to a personal injury complaint.
What does it cost to file a lawsuit?
The Superior Court of California has a state wide fee schedule listed on their website. Currently, the filing fee for a complaint is $435.00. The cost is increased to $450.00 in Riverside County, San Bernardino County, and San Francisco County.

After filing the complaint, the plaintiff must then serve the defendant. Process serving typically costs between $60-100 depending on the location of the defendant and the urgency. The cost will increase accordingly if there are multiple defendants. If the plaintiff requests the process serving company to file the proof of service, the cost will increase between $40-70 depending on the court location.

We generally estimate $550 in third-party costs and court fees to initiate a lawsuit. This does not include attorneys' fees for drafting the documents. The costs will continue thereafter as litigation moves forward.
What does it cost to hire an attorney with Rooted Legal PC?
The general rule is that we do not handle litigation matters on contingency. In rare circumstances, our attorneys may handle a litigation case for a reduced hourly rate plus a tiered increasing contingency. This option is available at the discretion of the attorney and depends greatly on the circumstances. Our current hourly rate for attorneys is $360.00. The cost to pursue litigation or defend against litigation varies greatly on the parties involved, the claims involved and the court involved. Upon learning more about the litigation, our civil attorney will be able to provide rough estimates on moving forward.
Where do you handle litigation?
Attorney Trevor Carson primarily handles civil litigation in Sacramento County and San Joaquin County. Mr. Carson has also represented clients in El Dorado County, Yolo County, Yuba County, Placer County, Humboldt County, Siskiyou County, Alameda County, San Francisco County, San Diego County, and San Bernardino County.